Privacy and cookies

A cookie is a small information file that is sent to the user’s computer, mobile or other device when the user visits a website and it will recognise the user’s device on future visits. These types of files do a number of different jobs such as remembering the user’s preferences and viewed items, assisting the user to improve site experience as well as trying to ensure that the adverts or offers the user sees online are more relevant. These “cookies” can be divided into 4 types each of which is outlined below.

Category 1: Strictly Necessary Cookies
These cookies are essential in order to enable the site to provide services the user has asked for such as remembering the user’s login-status.

Category 2: Performance Cookies
This type collect anonymous information on how people use the site and the data is merged with other users to enable Ann-Marie’s Dressing Room to improve how the site operates. For example Ann-Marie’s Dressing Room utilises Google Analytics cookies to help understand how users arrive at the site, browse or use the site and highlight areas where Ann-Marie’s Dressing Room can improve areas such as navigation, shopping experience and marketing campaigns. The data stored by these cookies never shows personal details from which the user’s individual identity can be established.

Category 3: Functionality Cookies
These remember choices the user makes on the site. These can then be used to provide the user with an experience more appropriate with the user’s selections and make the visits more tailored and pleasant. The information is also merged with other users on an anonymous basis to enable Ann-Marie’s Dressing Room to improve how the site operates.

Category 4: Targeting Cookies or Advertising Cookies
These cookies collect information about the user’s browsing habits in order to make advertising relevant to the user and the user’s interests. They remember the websites the user has visited and that information is shared with other parties such as advertisers.
You can change the settings on your browser to prevent cookies being stored on your computer or mobile device without your explicit consent. Your browser “help” section will normally provide details on how to manage the cookie settings.