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To enjoy and experience the best journey with us, we advice all our valued users to follow our guidelines below:

  1. Internet browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari e.g) on your mobile or desktop are up to date.
  2. Avoid multiple tab browsers on mobile phone or desktop as it may slow down the experience browsing our page.
  3. Install ANN-MARIE’S DRESSING ROOM in Google Apps for Android or iTunes App store for Apple. To download, click on our download button (as photo below) on the front page of our website. It’s 100% free!

google         apple

4. To start create your model, click [Get Started] button at the front page.

amdr5. Choose the nearest dress size.


6. Choose the nearest skin-tone that matches your selfie photos.

**Colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources on your phone/monitor settings**


7. Choose the nearest hair-tones



8. You can choose between our different hairstyles




Choose between two options;

10. Uploading your own photo/selfie for the model;

a. Make sure the face is in the centre alignment and front facing.

b. For better model result, choose the photo that shows a clear face (avoid the photo of hair cover the face)


c.  Avoid selecting the photos that are too near to the camera or side facing.

d. Make sure the photo is taken in a bright condition room/outdoor.



d. If you are having trouble uploading your photo as below image, kindly refer to Instructions No. 1, 2 and 3.

Or else, send us an email at


11.  When you are happy with your model, you can start creating your own personal dressing room! Or click [edit] to change your model setting.

**Model’s Height: 177.8cm/5’10”

11. For mobile version, to retrace your recent viewed items, you can click [Recent] button at the bottom of the page. Once the button is clicked, it will display the previous items up to one hundred products!


12. To view different angles of the items (front or back views), kindly click basket button. It will direct you to the original site. You also can check different currency of the item’s price in the original website.


13. To purchase the products, simply click the basket button and we will direct you to the original products brand page. Happy shopping!


Example of page that been directed after you’ve clicked the basket button.

13. Any questions and queries regarding technical support, kindly contact us via email at