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Chunky Gold Chain Fashion


Hey dolls!

Happy Monday. Hope you all have a good week ahead. This week, I’m going to talk about something goldie (gold chain necklace)! Though gold chain necklaces give you a bit bolder look, this accessory is having a real moment now. Not all women dare to wear gold chain necklaces because they are afraid of looking too loud and screaming. However, there are numerous styles of chain necklaces, so you may make your choice and pair it with right outfits to get an extra feminine and lovely look. All the runways of the fashion shows are filled with this new and striking trend. Lanvin fashion show offers various options of the gold chain necklaces. Being famous in the 80s, the gold chain necklaces have been modernized for the new decade, appearing in various stunning styles.

Opt for gold chain necklaces in a choker style or wear necklaces, decorated with oversized pendants for a fashionable look. They may be paired with various outfits. They are able to spice up both a little dress in a black color and cute t-shirts. Wearing gold chain necklaces with your stylish jeans is also a great idea to rock this trend, which is a real moment now. If you look for inspirations, consider Miranda Kerr, a great model, or Gwen Stefani, a famous singer. Kim Kardashian may also become your source of inspiration with her gold chain necklace. All these celebrities experiment with the gold chain necklace trend both on the red carpet and when being in the street.

Don’t hesitate to spice up your outfits with gold chain necklaces, as they are having a real moment now. Moreover, they are able to add a screaming touch to your look.

That’s all from me this week and stay fabulous!

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