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Ann Marie’s Hot Pick : Rock The Jumpsuit – Street Style Looks


Rock The Jumpsuit: Street Style Looks – Hello ladies! There’s one fashion item that can be worn absolutely everywhere. I am talking about jumpsuit. The ideal choice for making a real statement in the streets. There is no question why this onesie is so in trend right now. It’s the only piece that can be thrown on without messing with mixing and matching. It has a perfect ease and comfort, as you are wearing pants and it has a marvelous ladylike look. Another thing is the edgy and chic touch, what makes this style look individual. Anyway, let’s see and choose our favourites.

Goddiva £49 (click image to buy)
Pretty Little Thing €49 (click image to bu
Ted Baker £215 (click image to buy)
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Ann Marie’s Hot Pick : Womens Bohemian Summer Maxi Dresses


Women’s Bohemian Summer Maxi Dresses – Hello again! I am so excited to share with you this gorgeous collection of women’s Bohemian summer maxi dresses to wear from day to nights. I am totally in love with maxis. I have discovered amazing lightweight gowns what are great for outdoor activities and even for beach night clubs. Personally, I am in love with details, like airy vibes, various embroideries, light fabrics, lace inserts, florals, etc. These designs can be dressed for brunches, beaching, work, movie nights, etc. Anyway, I have found my favorite pieces what I want to share with you.

Click the images to buy, best price guarantee!

Little Mistress €63 (click here to buy)

Womens Bohemian Summer Maxi Dress

Topshop €85  (click here to buy)

Womens Bohemian Summer Maxi Dress

French COnnection €191  (click here to buy)

Womens Bohemian Summer Maxi Yellow Dress

New Look €49.99 (click here to buy)

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Chunky Gold Chain Fashion


Hey dolls!

Happy Monday. Hope you all have a good week ahead. This week, I’m going to talk about something goldie (gold chain necklace)! Though gold chain necklaces give you a bit bolder look, this accessory is having a real moment now. Not all women dare to wear gold chain necklaces because they are afraid of looking too loud and screaming. However, there are numerous styles of chain necklaces, so you may make your choice and pair it with right outfits to get an extra feminine and lovely look. All the runways of the fashion shows are filled with this new and striking trend. Lanvin fashion show offers various options of the gold chain necklaces. Being famous in the 80s, the gold chain necklaces have been modernized for the new decade, appearing in various stunning styles.

Opt for gold chain necklaces in a choker style or wear necklaces, decorated with oversized pendants for a fashionable look. They may be paired with various outfits. They are able to spice up both a little dress in a black color and cute t-shirts. Wearing gold chain necklaces with your stylish jeans is also a great idea to rock this trend, which is a real moment now. If you look for inspirations, consider Miranda Kerr, a great model, or Gwen Stefani, a famous singer. Kim Kardashian may also become your source of inspiration with her gold chain necklace. All these celebrities experiment with the gold chain necklace trend both on the red carpet and when being in the street.

Don’t hesitate to spice up your outfits with gold chain necklaces, as they are having a real moment now. Moreover, they are able to add a screaming touch to your look.

That’s all from me this week and stay fabulous!

Lots of love,







Maria Sharapova


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Sunglasses : Trend To Try


Hi all 🙂 Ah sunglasses, what would we do without these? As we know, sunglasses have become an important accessorizing detail from the very first day that they’ve been invented and no wonder why as not only they protect our eyes from the sun but also manage to easily add a perfect finish touch to a stylish look! Thus, considering that, we decided to present our list of the most iconic sunglasses of all time! So, check out!

Gorgeous Cat-Eye Sunglasses
Having beloved celebs such as Kourtney Kardashian, Scarlett Johanson an Marilyn Monroe showing off the trend that made a revolution back then, there shouldn’t be a doubt that they were going to stay in fashion history!





Stylish Round Sunglasses
Reaching an iconic status thanks to a music legend, John Lennon round glasses managed to stay in fashion trends due to modern, beloved celebs such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga, etc. In fact, nowadays the latter appear to be among the best accessories for a boho inspired look!



lady gaga


Aviator sunglasses made their grand debut back in unforgettable 60’s but that wasn’t all as this stylish accessory became especially popular in the 80’s after Tom Cruise’s iconic look in the famous movie ‘Top Gun”.




Heart-Shaped Sunglasses
As most of you might remember the latter own their popularity to the well-known film ”Lolita”, and yet they still appear to be in the top charts of fashion trends due to their seductive look!




Oversized Sunglasses
A trend of unforgettable ’60s that’s still hitting the top charts of fashion trends due to their amazing style and ability to add a chic touch to any look!






I will see you all again next week. Take care 🙂


Stylishly yours,


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The Trend of High-Neck Halters


Hello again gorgeous!

Looking back at the ‘90s, you will see outfits with high-neck halters. If you desire to bring that style to a new decade, you are welcome, as 2014 is known for the new trend of high-neck halters. Great models and celebrities rock this style both on the runways and in the street, creating an iconic look. They come in various styles, offering you sporty outfits with high-neck halters, as well as crop tops. You are also provided with overalls, having high-neck halters, and shirts with plaids. However, compared with the past era, these outfits may be styled by everyone and everywhere. Moreover, the new trend of high-neck halters allows you to open your shoulders, creating an astounding and appealing appearance. See below images for more fashion-inspirations! Enjoy!

Stylishly yours,


Kim Kardashian

Blake Lively

elle fanning

Elle Fanning


Kylie Jenner

pixie lott

Pixie Lott


rita ora

Rita Ora

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Kicking It In Stylish Sneakers

It seems as though there’s no rest for the fashionably weary when it comes to sky-high heels. But alas, the shoe gods have looked down upon our tired soles and answered our prayers, delivering the most comfortable and stylish treads around — chic sneaks. And we’re not the only ones exercising the latest footwear fad. A-listers are, too — the very same ones who wouldn’t have been caught in anything other than stilettos.
First, it was well-known among the trainers, then it was worn when exercising and with sports clothes even without working out, but now, it’s rocked by everyone and everywhere. The updated and renovated slip-on sneakers appear in various forms and sizes, as well as in fabrics such as leather or snakeskin.

The ways of pulling off the slip-on sneakers is endless. If you are searching for an infallible way to get a perfect look when being in a rush, the cropped pants and square-formed blouses or jackets are a magnificent choice.

Here are several gorgeous inspirations to pull off slip-on sneakers and look super glamorous.



Blake Lively


Miranda Kerr


Alexa Chung

 Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn


Miranda Kerr


Gigi Hadid

Sarah J

Sarah Jessica Parker



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Japanese fashion Trend for Spring and Summer

The remarkable and significant style that is worth our interpretation is the Japanese fashion trend, which had its great impact on many other amazing trend formations for spring/summer 2017.
When you think of a kimono, the first image that pops into your mind probably isn’t a long, sheer, cardigan-type piece of clothing. When I first heard that kimono jackets were a big trend for spring and summer, I was a little confused myself, because I immediately imagined the traditional Japanese garment and I was concerned for the fashion world.

But the kimono jackets that you’ve been seeing everywhere are really nothing like a Japanese kimono. While I can’t say that I can always see why they got this name, I can say that I love them. Kimono jackets or cardigans (or whatever you want to call them) are amazing. They’re perfect for warmer weather because they’re light and airy, but still cover you up if you’re chilly or you just want something on your shoulders. They come in all sorts of beautiful patterns, and they can be worn with absolutely everything.

Celebrities are embracing the kimono sleeve and rocking this new trend inspired from an old, respected look — and you can, too.


88th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Amy Poehler






Kelly Rowland


Kim Kardashian






Rita Ora

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Trend Alert : Off-The-Shoulder Tops


Off the shoulder dresses and tops are this year’s key silhouette. The appeal is very much about the show of skin. It’s a little bit feminine, a little bit sexy. From straight up strapless numbers to one-shouldered dresses and cut-out pieces, there are plenty of ways to rock this trend. Style it with everything from denim cutoffs and flares to midi skirts—it’s a feminine look we won’t soon be tired of.

Here are some of our favorites:

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson

Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel

Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan Dunn

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

Kendall jenner

Kendall Jenner


Kendall Jenner

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian

Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale

Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo

Hope you enjoy my post this week and have a good day everyone!

Stylishly yours,


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The Return of the Statement Earrings

Fashion alert! Of course I’m going to talk about the come back of the fashion trend – statement earrings! Thus from fancy fashion shows to alluring Hollywood looks these big, statement-making accessories come to add a touch of glamour and embellish any appearance! Now to get an idea about how to wear the new trend you need to take a look at some of the best approaches presented below. So grab a comfortable seat and get ready to explore the trend of statement earrings.


Chandelier Earrings Presented by Christina Hendricks

This is a luxurious alternative that you can wear for a big event or a formal party. We have to say that the fancy metallic gold color of the earrings and the eye-catching design reminds us of the goddesses of ancient Egypt. So by sticking with a pair similar to this one you’ll get the whole package: beauty and sophistication.


Shown off By Hilary Rhoda

For a messy updo just as this one worn by stunning Hilary Rhoda this pair of earrings with ultra-feminine floral designing details on seems to be the perfect choice. Note that the celeb wears the look with an almost natural, soft makeup look that perfectly complements the style.


An Interesting Approach by Chrissy Teigen

These sparkly earrings are the best choice for the glamorous look of beloved Chrissy Teigen! What we especially like about this look is the great idea of wearing them with a perfectly complementing subtle topknot. Super cute, isn’t it?


Beyonce’s Interpretation of the Statement Earring Fashion Trend

Of course our list would look incomplete without Beyonce. The beloved Hollywood star has already proved that she’s a big fan of over-sized accessories. Now what we would like to focus your attention on this time is the jaw-droppingly beautiful combo of fancy chandelier earrings, sparkly outfit and soft feminine locks. As you can see the star saved her look from being overwhelming by wearing a subtle, almost natural hairstyle. So depending on how big are your earrings you should decide whether you can wear them with a topknot or worn down. If your earrings are too big having your hair worn down would a better idea while in other cases you can experiment with braided styles or cute topknots.


One of my favourite statement earring.


Street style inspiration with statement earring.


Black beaded chandelier always give the chic and stylish impact at the same time.

Hope you enjoy my post this week and have a good day everyone!

Stylishly yours,



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We Love Skinny Scarves!

Hi everyone, thanks for dropping by. Hope you had a great weekend! Today, I’m going to talk about Skinny Scarves 🙂

If you want to underline your uniqueness, then I recommend to look through these inspirational images featuring skinny scarves. Yes, this neck accessory is still in fashion. I have gathered 11 looks for you to see some of the best options on how to wear this must-have accessory in your everyday life. Just imagine your casual outfit with one of these skinny scarves, yes, you are right, you look differently thanks to such a small accessory.

This skinny scarf is simple, high-impact and affordable. I see lots of street style stars on the streets wearing such beauty with their everyday looks. Personally, I love slinky silk scarves to pair them with my pantsuits for work. But you can choose any material you want, starting from silky to sheer and printed versions. The best combo so far is to wear a luxury skinny scarf with a tired and ripped tees, looks weird but statement. I love to see ladies wearing matching skinny scarves with maxi gowns, looks perfect. This glamour and effortless piece of accessory goes ideal to any outfit, starting from simple tees, cocktail dresses to blazers and coats. There are thousands of awesome ways to wear this stunning accessory, but I will show some of my favorite ones.












Yes, you can wear your scarf as a belt. All you have to do is simply pair sea blue silken shirt with your favorite cuffed straight-fit jeans and strappy sandals. The outfit is completed thanks to printed scarf tied around waist as a belt:


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Grunge Fashion Tips

Grunge Attack! It feels like everyone is obsessed with grunge style. Today I want to bring to your attention this marvelous compilation of grunge fashion tips. The Internet is flooded with photos of ladies wearing oversized Kurt Cobain shirts, elongated cardigans, high-socks, cool beanies, combat boots, Converse trainers, denim jackets worn with floral dresses, camouflage prints, striped tees, ripped jeans, biker jackets, rounded sunglasses, etc. Of course, every single garment is ideally styled one with another. The thing, why I wanted to make this post is to show you how to wear grunge and pull it off in a classic and modern way. It’s a big trend this year, so you better know plenty of ways to make this look work for you. This trend is all about attitude, so you better follow few tips to make everything just right. Personally, I see lots of ladies wearing this trend accompanied with other sub-genre styles, creating awesome looks such as neo-grunge, grunge indie, glam grunge, etc.

You can update your look with a denim (vest, jacket, shorts, jeans) and make it look ripped, worn-out or stone-washed. You can try on sexy leggings and wear them with flannel shirt or keep it sexy with lace tights worn underneath ripped jeans. Speaking of flannel shirts, then you can wear them tied around waist or sport them like a dress. I love to see girls wearing cool band t-shirts and tanks underneath leather jackets. The leather will never look wrong on you, so you better wear it with denim or floral dresses. Better avoid wearing heels and use sneakers, combat boots instead. Anyway, I think we better take a closer look at these images and get some inspiration 🙂

P/S: Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and have a lovely day!















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Hi there! Thanks for coming to read my blog 🙂 I guess we all want to stay stylish while traveling, right? In today’s article I want to show you an some collection that features cute travel outfits for ladies who want to underline their individuality. You need to feel comfort and wear mostly basics, not statement pieces. Think of jeans, classic skirt, a lovely sundress, shorts, warm coat, or leather jacket. All depends on the local climate, that’s why I can’t say for sure how many layers you should add to feel comfortable. I personally like to keep things simple, as I usually wear a plain black or white tank top paired with dark shorts or jeans. This combo is great for various activities, like biking, exploring cities or hiking. You can cover yourself with a comfy cardigan or jacket if it’s cold. You can also add a lovely dress colored in bright hue or vibrantly printed. Dress can go with you almost everywhere. Plus, it ideally pairs with cardigans and other long-sleeved toppers. Shoes can be either solid neutral colored or colorful. Go for comfortable footwear. I prefer no heeled styles, but you should take at least one pair of heels. Don’t forget about scarf. This cute addition is an ideal accessory that can be worn during warm and cold season months. The last but not least, consider your destination. You are more than welcome to take a look through my favorite outfit ideas that combine comfort and glamour.


























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My Favourite Curling Wand!


Today I wanted to share with you a new curling wand that I am loving. Forget the sleek white and rose gold styling, this thing is just as functional as it is beautiful. The T3 is a curling iron that can achieve many different styles while saving space in your cabinet or suitcase.

I’m always busy attending fashion events, client meeting and awards night, so I really need to have an effective-stylish curling wand that can transform my hair to a gorgeous effortless-curly hair. I used to think all curling irons were basically the same but I was honestly shocked at how quickly my curls formed and how long they lasted. If you are like me you may think that a heated barrel will do the same regardless of the color of it. But these barrels are not just painted white, they’re ceramic and tourmaline which seals the cuticle for shiny locks! I actually have noticed a huge difference in using it, my hair is much shiny-er and holds a curl much longer. The T3 also has SinglePass technology which measures and adjusts the temperature to ensure consistent healthy results and one-pass styling. I also love that it has an hour timer on it so it turns itself off when I forget, which I do, a lot. Not only is that safer by reducing the chances of me burning my house down, but it also lengthens the life of the wand.

I seriously love this wand. I have yet to try the other barrels because this one gives my hair such a fun look, so I’m sticking with it for a while!


p/s: I bought this T3 curling wand from Little Woods Ireland. Also, we have hundreds of different outfits from Little Woods Ireland. So don’t forget to visit our site AMDR.ME – try and buy with your own personal online dressing room!

Thanks so much for reading!

Stylishly yours,



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10 Irish women who owned 2016



10 Irish women who owned 2016

By Irish Independent

Cork’s Ann Marie Corbett made every ’90s girl’s dreams a reality when she launched her successful tech-enabled dressing room, aptly titled Ann Marie’s Dressing Room, earlier this year.

On visiting the site, users can choose their skin tone, hair style and colour, and can upload a picture of their own face or use the model provided.

Click here for the full article at

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The Christmas Season.

Christmas Time 2016.
Christmas Time 2016.

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and ate lots of turkey. I know I did anyways.

I love Christmas as it has to be my favourite time of the year. I love the whole atmosphere of the Christmas lights in the town and of course I loved putting up our Christmas tree. I always decorate my tree with red and gold decorations as I love the colour red.

I love going out over the Christmas Season as a lot of my friends were home this year from Scotland and from Australia and I was super excited to see all of my friends that I went to school with.

I went out a lot over the Christmas season as who doesn’t love going out over Christmas.   I of course  got to wear my favourite colour Red out as it marks the festive season. We always spend Christmas down in my Granny’s house as I’m a very lucky girl to have my Granny and she always gives us a warm Christmas Cheer every time we visit her. We had Christmas dinner this year down in my Granny’s House. My Granny cooked us an outstanding dinner of roast turkey and ham with her amazing homemade stuffing which was to die for. We had roast potatoes and broccoli and who could forget the dessert.  We had my Granny’s homemade Christmas pudding with her homemade custard with lots of cream. The only problem was it was so so good I couldn’t stop eating and eating. I just love Christmas.

I decided to keep it festive  this year  and I wore a gold dress on Christmas Day as I wanted to keep it festive. I wore gold shoes too and I matched it up with gold accessories.

I hope all of you had a happy and peaceful Christmas.

Lots of Love, Am.x

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Virtual reality changing rooms and AI assistants ‘to replace high street shopping by 2050’


In the future, people will make all their purchases from home, try on clothes in virtual reality changing rooms and get advice from AI shop assistants.

High street retailers could be a thing of the past by 2050 as virtual reality takes over the way we shop, experts predict.

The only time we can expect to be asked “Are you being served?” is when interacting with an artificially intelligent app.

The kind of department store epitomised by Grace Brothers in the 1970s sitcom of that name is likely to be consigned to history by the middle of the century.


Mollie Sugden, John Inman, Wendy Richards at Grace Brothers store. (Photo: BBC)

Instead people will make all their purchases from home, trying on clothes in virtual reality changing rooms and getting advice from AI (artificial intelligence) shop assistants that know exactly how to cater for their tastes.

Online deliveries dropped into the back garden by flying robot drones will become a part of every day life.


Amazon prime air drone delivery service (Photo: Amazon/YouTube)

Experts writing in The Future Of Shopping report talk about the impact the “fourth industrial revolution” – a merging of physical, digital and biological technologies – on shopping.

They forecast:

  • Virtual reality (VR) headsets that gauge your mood in the lighting and atmosphere of a simulated store.
  • Immersive virtual experiences involving products, such as visiting a cocoa farm to watch beans being picked and processed to make chocolate.
  • AI assistants that know your interests and tastes better than you do and can pre-empt purchases. For instance, shortly before a seaside holiday they might show you a range of swimwear.
  • Holographic fashion shows held in unusual locations.

“It’s ironic that the fashion industry is renowned for its innovation, yet the way we shop is so old fashioned,” said co-author Russell Freeman, chief technology officer at digital marketing agency Holition.

“From having to use a changing room, to being offered limited space in a shop, the whole experience is generic.



Let’s get digital, digital: Irish developed virtual dressing room – Ann Marie’s Dressing Room have created the ultimate shopping experience with a free virtual dressing room

“The future of shopping offers personalised experiences for people, dependent on their taste and mood and at Holition we see it as the humanising of technology.

“Augmented reality, virtual reality, drone delivery and artificial intelligence will completely change the way we shop. It’s an exciting time – on the cusp of a revolution.”

Virtual reality shopping will be featured at The Big Bang UK Young Scientists And Engineers Fair taking place at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, in March next year.

Paul Jackson, chief executive of EngineeringUK, organisers of the Big Bang fair, said: “It is the young people studying maths and science today who will drive this ‘revolution’ in the future.

“They will build on advances in artificial intelligence, drones and virtual reality and develop other innovative technologies that will shape our day-to-day lives.”

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Handbag Essentials



I for one am really sad that festival season is coming to a close! I know that some people may be sick of the flower crowns & crop tops that have been hanging around since Coachella in April, but I can’t help falling in love with the spirit of it all over again every year.

Although I didn’t get the chance to venture abroad to go to the big time festivals (maybe next year), I did get to go to one in my hometown in Cork! I happily jammed along to the Coronas and Walking on Cars – and have definitely caught the music bug! One thing that I did think about while out enjoying the festivities is how important it is to have a well stocked handbag! I know that may sound funny, but sometimes you can get caught in a sticky situation and by just having a few essentials in your bag, you could keep yourself covered!

So, here are my handbag essentials! (Other than the obvious ones!)

  1. Hairbrush, bobbles & hairpins
  2. Hand-Sanitiser
  3. Blotting Sheets (no one wants to be all shiny!)
  4. Mints
  5. A little toothbrush (you never know!)
  6. Blister cushions (the downside to high heels!)

There are a million more things that you could carry around with you but we’re trying to reduce the size of our bags here!

While talking about all these handbag essentials, doesn’t it make you want to invest in a new one… Try before you buy on #AMDR today!

Stay Stylish,

AM x