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Ann Marie’s Hot Pick – Midi Skirts in Winter


Midi Skirts in Winter – Hey dolls! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Hope you’re all having a fabulous week so far. The wonderful times of crop tops, midi skirts and mules are long behind us, but that does not necessarily mean that the winter season has to be boring style wise and you have to limit your winter wardrobe with pants alone. Midi skirts (which hit anywhere from just below the knee to the ankle) are one of the chicest trends of the past year. Their more conservative length is romantic and unexpectedly sexy, and perfect for anything from class to a date to an internship. We’ve put together 3 of our favourite midi skirt, as always just click on the image to shop!

As always just click on the image to shop!

Chi Chi London £45 (Click image to buy)
Topshop €76 (Click image to buy)
Ted Baker £149 (Click image to buy)